Week 1-2 : Introducing Myself

   Introducing Myself

           My name is Valentine. My surname is Babiiets. I’m sixteen. I am from Ukraine, Kiev. I live in a duplex house with my parents and my favorite cat. My cat’s name is Faust. I usually play with him hide-and-seek. He likes it, I know it.

So I have only to hobbies: I am a collector. I have a big collection of coins more then 500 coins, collection of glass horses, stones, glass eyes, and books. Also my mother collects violets and tea.  Drawing is my main hobby. I like to draw on paper, canvas, and wood, asphalt using pastel, oil, pencil, watercolors, and coal. I attended a school circle where teacher taught me drawing and for many years I took private lessons. I finished school specializing in English and German. I took part in a different art contests and exhibitions. Not once I was awarded prizes. The Kiev State motor vehicle inspectorate uses my placards in its advertisements and propaganda of maintaining road safety rules. I like to express my emotions, feelings, attitude to life through drawings.

Graphic art is favorite style.

I want to become an illustrator I think this college which I found due to the internet gives me the chance to get the education. The college provides students with the best teachers, equipment, good curriculum. In future I’ll be able to get job in different creative fields: web-design, corporate communications, and computer gaming, publishing, advertising, and illustrations.

Unfortunately, I think I am not perfect in English. Consequently I attend language classes. Likewise I am getting a good practice now because I am staying in Canada now.

As for me I am warm-hearted, amiable, kind, tolerant, hardworking, agent. I can adept to any difficult conditions easily.



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