Week 1-2 : new words vocabulary (part 2)


The actual amount of useful information on this site is negligible


Plaice is a common name used for a group of flatfish


Matter is a poorly-defined term in science. The term has often been used in reference to a substance (often a particle) that has rest mass

Matter commonly exists in four states (or phases):solidliquid and gas, and plasma


Means the quality of not moving


Cattle are the most common type of large domesticated ungulates like cows

6. Incentive

Something, such as the fear of punishment or the expectation of reward, that induces action or motivates effort.

7.Tuning fork

A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork with the prongs formed from a U-shaped bar of elastic metal plaice  fork200px-Plasma-lamp_2 Drop_closeup Purplesmoke-crop Quartz_oisan797px-Brahman_Babyimmobility  


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