Week 3 : Critical Thinking

critical thinking

Critical Thinking

In a narrow sense the critical thinking means “a correct assessment of statements”. Also the thinking about thinking” is characterized as “. One of widespread definitions — “the reasonable reflexive thinking directed on decision-making to those to trust and what to do”. More detailed definition — “intellectually ordered process of the active and skillful analysis, conceptualization, application, synthesizing and/or an assessment of information received or generated by supervision, experience, reflection or communication, as a reference point for belief and action”. 

For additional clearing of a question that such critical thinking, Richard Paul (1995) offered division of critical thinking on weak and strong. It defines critical thinking in the weak sense as thinking highly skilled, but the pseudo-intellectual having selfish motivation occupied with own career and seriously of not thinking of the ethical consequences of the actions. The carrier of such thinking has been often highly educated, but applies the knowledge to following to the unfair and selfish purposes. On the other hand, critical thinking in the strong sense — thinking about the personality getting into the logic of problems for the purpose of their objective studying without an egocentric or bias. In this sense the critical thinking is directed on frank overcoming of obstacles in a way to truth.


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