Week 5: New words vocabulary

1. vice versa

A phrase used to indicate that the preceding phrase is true, both as it is, and also if you flip the two terms within.
You can save energy by saving water – and vice versa. (You can save energy by saving water, and you can save water by saving energy.)
2. treachery
Means-When you promised something but didn’t do it.
3. betrayal
Betrayal means “an act of deliberate disloyalty,” like when your friend told other people all your secrets. What a betrayal!
to turn on someone you trust, or to have someone do the same to you.
4. deception
Deception, beguilement, deceit, bluff, mystification and subterfuge are acts to propagate beliefs that are not true.
It looks like totally ludicrous. but in other way it means treachery or treason.
5. insurrection, revolt
Revolt means to rise up against an authority in an act of rebellion. You might see an opposition group revolt against a government.
Insurrection is an uprising against a larger force that’s in power. An insurrection can lead to revolution, but it is just as likely to be put down. Insurrection is more great and bigger then revolt.
6. quench
Quench means to put out, put an end to, or satisfy. If you’re stranded in the middle of the desert with nothing drink, you’re probably dreaming of a nice big glass of ice water to quench your thirst.
It means like putting out something or make it stop.
Quench one’s thirst.
Quench originally meant “extinguish fires.”revoltvice versaImageImageImageImageImageImage

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