Week 6 : Expository essay

Culture Influence Essay Draft 1
Influence of Scythian Culture upon European Historical Development

     The Scythian culture may have disappeared long ago but their art burial mounds remain. The famous zoomorphic gold artifacts, mummies secrets of tattooing, old recipes of medical and entertainment utilization of marijuana, unique hair-dresses, exquisite equipment and other different types of Scythian art styles had already influenced upon historical culture development of all world including Europe. Initially the Scythian art and culture had already changed European culture in numerous ways. There are three main reasons. The first is Scythian gold treasures where they are significant influence in European architecture, emblems and modern jewelry. The second is a secretes of saving tattoos during a long period of time and finding a perfect recipe of ideal tattoo and its importance and popularity in Europe. The last reason is based on marijuana’s medical utilization and its vapour-baths and its sense in European countries.

The first part of Scythian influence upon European culture is its amazing gold artifacts.
Horses, griffins, lions, wolves and human are plaited in infinite deadly combat while defending the great Media’s King against evil in gold immortal Pectoral. Ukrainian Pectoral is the most famous gold treasure was found in the first biggest Kurgan which situated in western Ukraine.

Pectoral2зв.стиль-пектораль- _MG_0041 copyscythian_pectoral2

Nevertheless Scythians didn’t know the value of gold. Gold was a part of a tradition, part of a beauty. Gold was sewn into their garments in the form of plates, fashioned into belts, broaches, necklaces, torques, scabbards, helmets, earrings, and ornaments, and worked into their weapons. Thus 75 percent of their artworks was made of gold, 10 percent of silver, 10 percent of bronze and 5 percent of iron and copper. Unfortunately now the gold is one of the most expensive material while the price of the Scythian artifacts increases every day due to gold prices. Although it had influenced on modern jewelry. European jewelry has the unique Scythian stylization of wild animals. The beasts movement represents in the s-form circle, circle or spiral forms. All animals have emotions and they have strong body structure and muscles. Now the stylized jewelry in Scythian style isn’t very popular in all Europe, only in their some parts like in Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine.

The Scythian zoomorphic design, especially depictions of wild animals like griffins, lions, horses, rabbits, wolves, leopards, stags, eagles and favourite Scythian motif – animals in dead combat. Each portrayals of beasts personifies the important symbols and have many different meanings. For example griffins are defender of the gold, deer embody a beauty, bears are symbol of hard-working and work in all. Animals in the battle less combination mean a profession. For example if we combine privies animals we have “a hard-work under adorning of the gold”. It’s a profession of jeweller. Scythian owners of this art professions had a picture of this combination of creatures at there doors. Thus on that time people could understand what is the occupation of each Scythian inhabitants. Consequently this tradition of symbols remained to nowadays. In some parts of Europe you can find Gargoyles on the roof of bank buildings which are griffins who take care of gold and all treasures which are kept one’s there. And many European bankers have an sign-emblems of griffins.
Another example, lion is a representation of an enemy. The Scythians paint the dead combat of lion and wolves, panthers, griffins on their shields and horse’s bridles where lion defeats. It means the enemy defeat. The Scythians believed that this animals would help them to get victory in bloody battle. Overall panther embodies the war and blood. Some European countries have coat of arms with depiction of panthers or lion’s defeat.


One more important reason how the Scythian culture had influenced upon European history is their traditional tattoos. The existence of Scythian tattoos was confirmed in 1948, when a Russian archaeologist uncovered the frozen body of a Scythian in Siberia. The ancient mummy of a mysterious young woman, known as the Ukok Princess reveals her 2,500 year old tattoos. Scythians drew on their skin animals who answer for their status in society. For example only the King or princess could permit oneself an anthropomorphic tattoos. The common people could not venture tattooing of human depiction. Scythian without tattoos showed that he was of low station.
So, now we have some recipes remained up to nowadays and which are restored by the archaeologists. Thus they discovered that our modern tattooing was based on the ancient Scythian recipes. It means that all Europe tattooing history was a small improving of them. Although, scientists still don’t know the ideal recipe and action of drawing an perfect tattoo on which could sustain and not grow dull more than hundred years. And nowadays Scythian tattoos are very popular in German, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.

scythian-griffon-tattoo tattoo3  Tattoos-Scythian 5OZ9Y IMG_9913tattooschreiber-dep34-tm

One more interesting reason of influence of Scythian culture upon Europe is marijuana. Many scientist think that Scythian time is a time of origin of utilization of marijuana. The Scythians were responsible for bringing it from Central Asia to Egypt and including Europe. In many Scythian graves, archaeologists found a human skulls with three small holes drilled into it – probably to ease swelling. Beside the skulls, the archaeologists found a small caches of marijuana, ostensibly to relieve the man’s headache in the next life. Many European doctors specialized in censor suggest their patients with head censor to smoke marijuana to reduce headache.
Another kind of utilization of marijuana during Scythian time. The Scythians were found of taking vapour-bathes and they had one perfect recipe of doing vapour-bath. They cover the pole with woollen mats. They make a pit in the centre of pole and throw red-hot stones into it. Further they take the seed of the hemp and throw it on the red-hot stones, later it smolders and sends forth so much steam that no Greek vapour-bath could surpass it. So now the Scythian vapour-baths are popular in all Europe. Most of all it spreads in Poland, Germany, Ukraine and western part of Russia.

tent g035-300x186

In conclusion, Scythian culture had influenced upon Europe in three main reasons. The gold artworks had just improved and beautified the European jewelry and value of Scythian treasures is increasing. Scythian art stylization knowledge is useful in different art skills. So, the origin of tattoos and marijuana utilization comes from Scythian culture. Although, many experts think that marijuana can’t be used in medical field because hemp hasn’t nothing useful for human organism. That’s why marijuana is prohibited in many countries of Europe. Except for Netherlands.

48-223 low-271-2ab  Sword and Scabbard with Boar’s Head (Scythian)scythian


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