Halloween Reference

IMG_20131016_231158_904I think it was the most funniest and my first celebrating of Halloween in my life. It was very interesting and impressive. I had gotten many new feelings during that day. I ‘d like to say that it was a difficult trial and I have just passed it.
My waiting for that morning took place from September because I haven’t ever known this date like a holiday and I have been thinking about my character and style and preparing to this holiday for two months. I had already thought about fat clown but it was expensive effects and I decided to be a simple jester. Although if I do only makeup, it means that I’m not creative. That’s why I was dressed in white clothes that looked like old style. At last I’d waited till that day. At that morning I felt the sinister atmosphere of coming Halloween, felt the smell of horror… To tell the truth I was anxious to do the make up and to see other students. But doing makeup wasn’t simple while I am artist I’d understood how it’s difficult to do the same for women and I finished it in one hour. Then I had gone to college where when I entered I had already understood that there no students in costumes. I started checking the date on clocks, computers, cellphones and it was correct but I was still feeling shy I tried to ask Sasha due to the email. It’s not a joke but I sand four massages to her. I was thinking only how to clean this shame. In few minutes I had gotten that it’s not dream, there many people around me and I said myself just to chill out and go to the lab.
However only there my worryings stopped when I saw my classmates who personified different characters and creatures. To put it mildly I was happy that not I was in costume. All of them were pleasant to look at. Jin was wearied in an orange, cute tiger suit; Gabriel was like Mefisto; Naomi showed us bloody zombie; Sally was vampire’s wife; Dalya was a witch with a small spider. There were many different monsters but I couldn’t imagine Sasha in costume. I guessed that she had told us a joke and we would be in costumes but she not. However I was wrong, she came wearied in maroon colour cape and nice Venetian mask in baroque style over her face. I can say that I was really wondered and all our assignments had a Halloween subjects it was interesting and I learned new scary vocabulary. At next afternoon class she was wearied in “kleine Hexe” with purple hat and the classes were concluded by nightmare stories about cannibals and witches.
As for it was very difficult day and I was disappointed in Canadians because there no a lot of students in costumes. Thus I think they hate this holiday or think that it’s for children. In my country I haven’t the
Halloween but I respect foreign culture and traditions and wearied in costume, made makeup and it was a real trial for me and I’d like to say a big thanks to Sasha for a beautiful lessons. I still respect Canada and its inhabitants and I am looking forward for the next Halloween. 


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