B Week 1: New Vocabulary

1. counterproductive adj.
Making to return to previous results.
Example: “…the evolution of human beings would be counterproductive…”
Syn. harmful – causing or capable of causing harm;
Syn. degradable – capable to degradation;
Ant. safe – free from danger or the risk of harm.

2. to exacerbate v.
Make it more detail; Make it more difficult; Make worse.
Example: “I’d like to exacerbate this painting, to do it in barocco style, to make people suffer.”
to aggravate – to cause problems;
to simplify – to make smtg. more simple.

3. praise n.
Praise means “admiration or approval,” and when you’re on the receiving end of it, you feel great.
Very simple and keen example: “Praise God.”
Syn. pride (although it’s one of seven deadly sins but it have some same);
Ant. criticism – the expression of disapproval of someone or something;
Ant. punishment – “an eye for an eye”

4. Difference and meaning of two phrases: “Look out!” and Watch out!”.
“Look out!” – means that smtg. have happened and you should run away from danger.
“Watch out” – means that smtg. would be happen and you should be attentive, be careful.

5. to point out v.
It means to make somebody to pay attention on smtg.
Example: the part of the excursion, “…pointing interesting stone symbols out…”
Syn. to call attention = to pay attention;
Ant. to divert – to shift or turn from one thing to another = to divert your attention.

6. to figure out v.
It has to meanings:
1. to sum the tax for example or anything else;
2. to understand, to get.
Example 1: “I’d like to figure my tax out again.”
Example 2: “Can you figure out this word?”

7. Justice n.
Justice means if you do smtg by laws.
Example: Super heroes fight for justice because they want everything to be fair and not let bad guys win.
Syn. judge – A judge is also known as a justice too
Ant. injustice

8. Aversion n.
If you have an aversion to something, you have an intense dislike for it.
Example: “I have an aversion for people!” smiled the princess…
Syn. revulsion
Syn. disgust

how-to-calculate evolution pointing-finger praise Watch-out watch-out barocco


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