B Week 1: New Vocabulary 2

1. ash n.

the grayish-white to black powdery residue left when smtg is burned…
Syn. ruins, debris, dust, powder.
EX: All his hopes turned to dust and ashes.

2. to get down p.
same meaning with to frustrate.
Syn. frustrate, disappoint.
EX: The students got me down with fake emotions.

3. buzz off p.
leave me alone.
Syn. get out.
EX: I wish you to buzz off.

4. odious adj.
very bad.
Syn. hateful, disagreeable.
EX: It’s an odious business.

5. blessed adj.
something that is impossible, holy, or smtg similar with God.
Syn. fortunate, holy, joyful.
EX: I dipped my finger in the blessed water.

6. facile adj.
very simple, not difficult.
Syn. simple.
EX: This victory was facile.


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