B Week 1: New Vocabulary 3

1. to preconceive(d) v.
to conceive or create of ahead in time.
Syn. tainted, prejudiced.
EX: All her preconceived ideas of the robbing of this bank vanished like smoke.

2. disastrous adj.
very unfortunate, ruinous.
extremely bad, terrible.
EX: “…it ended up being, disastrous for him and his army.”

3. slain (slay) v.
to kill by violence, to strike.
Syn. to kill, to strike.
EX: We could have slain it.

4. woollen & woolen adj.
smtg that made from wool.
Syn. bear’s, bearskin.

5. ostensibly
like, may be, as, perhaps.
Syn. may be.
EX: She retreated to the kitchen, ostensibly to prepare coffee.

6. end up v.
finally be or do smtg.
Syn. turn out to be, roll to, rolled up to.
EX: “…it ended up being disastrous for him and him and his army.”

7. to till v.
to prepare land for the raising of crops.
Syn. cultivate.
EX: They didn’t till the land and they didn’t build cities like the Greeks.

8. lofty adj.
very, very height, haughty.
Syn. height, haughty.
EX: He was ushered into a lofty hall.

9. surpass v.
to be greater than smb.
Syn. to overstep.
EX: Reality has surpassed hi expectations.

10. dare & defy v.
the act of challenge (to do smtg)
Syn. dare, act, defy.
EX:  Somebody, “How could he dare?”




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