B Week 1: New Vocabulary 4

1.make-shift adj.
smtg simple and temporary
Syn. simple, constant, easy.
EX: Make-shift Esperanto language was very popular in USSR.

2. from scratch ph.
from the very beginning.
Syn. from the origin.
EX: I decide it’s over. Let’s start it over from scratch.

3. vanity n. vanish adj.
excessive pride in one’s appearance.
Syn. smtg, somebody, with lack of real value, worthless.
EX: He was suffered by the vanity of his selfish life.

4. cotton on ph.
to make use, understand, learn smtg.
Syn. learn, understand, get.
EX: The Monkeys have cottoned on this game.

5. sparky/ sparkly adj.
somebody lively, vivacious, spirited.
EX: A 116-year-old Canadian woman is declared the oldest person in the world, she looks very sparky.

6. glitz n. v. (slang)
ostentatious showiness;
extravagant flashiness;
gaudiness or glitter.
Syn. window-dressing.
EX: Hollywood stars are rich, famous, vanish, and glitz.

7. interrogation n.
police questioning, hard questioning.
Syn. examination, questioning.
EX: Today I will conduct an interrogation.

8. picky adj.
somebody who is extremely fussy, or finical, informal.
EX: Students think that I am picky. Yes, I am!

9. fern n.
simple plant, prehistoric plant, old plan.
Syn. plant.
EX: I found fern’s flower.

10. finery n.
dress, adored dress, blaze dress.
Syn. dress.
EX: She was dressed up in all her finery.




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