B Week 1: New Vocabulary 5

1. flagrant  adj.
a big ~ mistake, horrible.
Syn. mistake, horrible.
EX: She doesn’t love me it’s her flagrant mistake.

2. somnambulate v.
to sleep and walk in one.
Syn. walk.
EX: I was scared when my mom told me that I had somnabulated.

3. impavid adj.
not afraid, fearless.
Syn. fearless.
EX: I was impavid when my friend tried to scare me.

4. skedaddle v.
to flee in a panic, to become crazy.
Syn. flee.
EX: My cat skedaddled when he got that there are no food in his pipkin.

5. belgard n. & v.
lovely look, kind, loving look.
look lovely.
Syn. kind look.
EX: One person told me: “Stop belgarding me, you know I can’t say no to those eyes!”

6. discombobulate v.
to make upset, to cause confusion.
Syn. confuse.
EX: Sometimes Sasha’s tests discombobulate me.

7. involve v.
Syn. include.
EX: don’t involve me in your family efforts!

8. conceive v.
to create smtg.
Syn. create.
EX: The artist conceived a new idea.

9. deflagrate v.
to burn up suddenly, to burn with great heat and intense light.
Syn. burn.
EX: All my books suddenly deflagrated.

10. fard v.
to paint face with cosmetics.
EX: My mom doesn’t like farding her face.



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