Mysterious Letters

This is the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a long time. Michael Crowand and Lenka Clayton plan to write letters to everyone in the entire world. They have started by mailing personal handwritten letters, notes, and postcards to 467 households in the small Irish village of Cushendall. Nearly everyone in the village received something! It caused such a stir that BBC News-line actually picked up the story. The two artists are now documenting the project on their blog:

Overall, their project is really mystery and it’s terrible as you might expect, that some people — particularly the elderly — were frightened by the letters. That fear was the focus of the story, each letter has a story and it’s wrote in academic style that went out about the project, and even got picked up by the New York Times. “Pittsburgh mystery letters revealed as art project.”

“We aim to sent a personal, handwritten letter to every household in the world.

So far we have written to every home in the small Irish seaside town of Cushendall, the inhabitants of Polish Hill, Pittsburgh, everyone on a long street in St. Gallen, Switzerland and quite a lot of people in Cologne, Germany.

We hope the unsolicited letters prompt neighbourly discussion that will spread across the town, promoting community curiosity. When compared between neighbours, no two will be the same. The art-work consists solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why, etc.” Lenka & Michael.

Now, they are writing letters to France. May be our town will be next.
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